Curriculum Intent

Computing is essential if we are to make sense of the world we live in. It is a great way to develop critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills, which can be transferred to further learning and everyday life. From social media, e-commerce, entertainment to education, the internet has transformed the society that we live in.  At Imberhorne we seek to share our passion for the subject and to guide students safely through the world of technology that surrounds them. We seek to equip students for life in the 21st century.

Staff Information

NamePosition / ResponsibilityE-Mail
Miss R HillmanLeader of Learning for Computingrhillman [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk
Mrs L CheongKS3 Leader for Computinglcheong [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk
Mr N SargantComputing Teachernsargant [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk


How can I support my child’s Computing?

Encourage directed use of home computer equipment. If they are playing games, then direct them to Scratch so they can create their own, if they are researching using the internet, make sure they look further than the first link that Google brings up.

I do not have the software on my own PC for my child to work at home?

Using remote access all students have access to all programs used in their computing (and other) lessons.