Dance at KS4

Both the theory and practical aspects of dance are studied. Students will develop a deeper understanding of what it is like to be a dancer - the different choreographic devices and movement components used in dance develop a deeper understanding of the process of choreography. A variety of choreographers and professional dances will be studied throughout the course. Although other dance styles are covered, the predominant style for GCSE dance is contemporary dance.


Exam Information

AQA Course

Component 1: Performance and Choreography (Recorded and sent off to AQA near the end of Year 11) 60%

  • To perform two set dance phrases (Approx. one minute in total)
  • To perform a trio based on one set phrase and a theme from a set professional dance work (3 minutes)
  • To choreograph a solo or group dance based on an idea set by the exam board

Component 2: Dance Appreciation (Written paper taken at the end of Year 11, 1hr 30mins) 40%

  • Knowledge and understanding of the choreographic process
  • Knowledge and understanding of performing skills
  • Critical appreciation of their own work
  • Critical appreciation of 6 professional works