Drama at KS4

In AQA GCSE Drama, students work in a range of groups to explore playtexts and stimuli, performing regularly in front of their peers. There is also at least one opportunity to perform in front of parents on the course. Our aim is to take Drama students to experience at least one piece of live theatre per year on the course although there are often many more opportunities than this. This is a fun, practical course which also contains rigorous written assessment in coursework and written examination.

Students continue revisiting and refining the skills and techniques acquired from Key Stage 3 to new play scripts and devised work. Skills in written analysis and evaluation of acting skills are built during the course.

Exam Information

The exam board we us is AQA.

Component 1: Written Exam (40% of course)

Section A: 4 multiple choice questions on theatrical terminology

Section B: 4 written responses on a set text: Blood Brothers

Section C: Answer 1 question from a choice of 3 on a piece of theatre you have seen

Component 2: Devising Drama (40% of course)

Create an original piece of theatre from a stimulus and perform it to an audience

Write reflections on the process and performance.

Component 3: Texts in Practice (20% of course)

Perform two extracts from one scripted play to a visiting examiner.