Geography at KS4

Throughout the course, students will be improving their geographically based mathematical skills and use of geographical resources such as data, maps, satellite images, and the labelling and annotating diagrams, sketches and photos.

Global Geographical Issues - 37.5% of the qualification

•             Topic 1: Hazardous Earth – Tectonic Hazards: earthquakes and volcanoes; Climate Hazards: hurricanes

•             Topic 2: Development dynamics

•             Topic 3: Challenges of an urbanising world

UK Geographical Issues - 37.5% of the qualification

•             Topic 4: The UK’s evolving physical landscape – including: Coastal change and conflict and River processes and pressures

•             Topic 5: The UK’s evolving human landscape – including a Case Study - Dynamic UK cities

•             Topic 6: Geographical investigations – including one physical fieldwork investigation (coasts or rivers) and one human fieldwork investigation linked to Topics 4 and 5 (urban), these will involve a day of fieldwork external to the school site

People and Environment Issues – 25% of the qualification

•             Topic 7: People and the biosphere

•             Topic 8: Forests under threat – Tropical Rainforest and Taiga

•             Topic 9: Consuming energy resources

•             Final question: Making a geographical decision – material is provided in the exam which the students will study and then make a decision about the best course of action


Exam Information

The exam board is Edexcel B