Politics at KS5

A Level Politics involves a lot of discussion, so is ideal for those who enjoy talking and thinking about current affairs. You will also need to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the world via the internet, newspapers and TV programmes, and will need to engage in independent learning to increase your knowledge of politics past and present.

There is no coursework but the final exams for Politics are heavily essay based and you will get a lot of practice in researching and writing answers to sample exam questions.

What background do I need?

An interest in current affairs is perhaps the most important requirement as it is very beneficial to be able to bring at least some existing knowledge of political events and personalities to your studies. Some knowledge of history can also be helpful as so much of contemporary politics is informed by past events and decisions. Generally, no specific GCSEs are required but you will need a good level of English in order to deal with the essay writing demands of the course.

Where can it lead?

Politics is a well-regarded ‘middle-weight’ A level on a par with Psychology, Sociology and Law, and will help to provide you with many of the skills required for university study, although if you already have a university and course in mind you should check their specific entry requirements before choosing your A levels.

A Politics A level is not required to study the subject at degree level but many Politics students enjoy the subject so much that they continue their studies at undergraduate level or in related subjects such as International Relations. Some Politics students do in fact go on to work in the political sphere, while other popular career options include law and journalism.