Instrumental Lessons

Lessons are available on a wide variety of instruments during the school day at Imberhorne. Some of the instrument lessons are provided by the West Sussex County Music Service and others are organised by private lessons with visiting teachers to the school. They are fully qualified, experienced and have a full CRB police check, as you would expect.

Private Music Lessons

  • Electric / Acoustic guitar (Mr S Bligh) 30 minutes and are taught in pairs or solo lessons.
  • Piano and Keyboard (Mr J Barnett / Miss A Philip) 20 or 30 minute solo lessons only.
  • DJ (Mr D Nauthoa)

If you would like your son or daughter to have lessons in one of the instruments named above, please see the letter at the bottom of this page.

West Sussex County Music Lessons

All other lessons should be applied for using the forms available from the West Sussex Music website. County will then contact you, but, in the event of any delay or queries, please refer directly to their office.

Our current roster of West Sussex Music tutors is:     Woodwind     Singing      Brass      Drums