Personal Development at KS3

What will students study in Year 7?

  • Children in Need (Citizenship) – focuses on how charities are a vital aspect of helping people less fortunate than themselves.
  • Anti-bullying (PSHE and Citizenship) – looks at what bullying is and how they can deal with it effectively and support their friends.
  • Emotional health (PSHE) – looks at the links between physical and emotional health.  We discuss about how we can keep ourselves emotionally healthy.
  • Healthy relationships (PSHE) – we look at what constitutes a healthy friendship and what signs to look out for when a friendship isn’t healthy.
  • Diversity (Citizenship) – looks at the diverse nature of our country and teaches students to understand and celebrate differences.
  • Team skills (Citizenship) – builds on the Year 7 trip to Blacklands at the end of the year. 
  • Global issues (Citizenship) – a comparison of our students’ lives to the lives of young people in other countries.
  • Social Media (PSHE and Citizenship) looking at how we use social media and it’s impact
  • Politics (Citizenship), a brief introduction to political systems and how it works

What will students study in Year 8?

  • Learning to Learn – A guide to how the brain works and how this can be used to help students in school and beyond. Students use a range of critical thinking techniques to help develop skills to tackle non routine problems.
  • Human Rights (Citizenship) – The creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it’s application in UK law and international issues
  • Money (PSHE and Citizenship) – An introduction to basic financial terms, how some of them work, a look at budgeting and some current financial issues such as payday loans and gambling.
  • Mental health (PSHE) – focuses on depression.  Students taught what depression actually is, how we might recognise it and how we can support people through it.
  • Healthy relationships (PSHE) – we look at what constitutes a healthy relationships, an unhealthy relationship and how to talk about difficult scenarios related to relationships.
  • Health (PSHE) – A look at cancer, what it is and why it happens and its impact.
  • Disability (PSHE & Citizenship) – looks at how disability is represented around the world.  Includes an immersion day with Enable Me ( an educational  disability group).

What will students study in Year 9?

  • Research Project – Students formulate their own question to research and answer over a two terms to develop independent learning and study skills.
  • Alcohol (PSHE) – focuses on how alcohol affects the body, the laws and legislation about alcohol and how alcohol impedes on our ability to think about taking risks.  Culminates in an external production and workshop about alcohol and risk.
  • Careers (PSHE & Citizenship) – students have an opportunity to find out about careers they may be suitable for.  Assists them to make good GCSE choices.
  • Sex and Relationship Education (PSHE) – lessons focus on consent; what consent means, the law and how it is essential in healthy relationships.  Includes an immersion day with a number of workshops and outside agency involvement.
  • Politics (Citizenship) – A look at political decision making with national budgets and referendums.