Science at KS4

Students follow the AQA Combined Science Trilogy (8464) route OR if in a triple science group, students will complete Biology (8461), Chemistry (8462) and Physics (8463) separate GCSEs.

Any of these GCSEs can either be taken at Foundation level that can lead to a maximum grade of 5 OR Higher level, with more demanding exams that allow access to the highest grades.

Exam Information

2022 Exams

The most important things to remember are:

Focus revision on the MAJOR topics 

Do LESS revision on the topics not mentioned

DO NOT revise the topics that explicitly won’t be in the summer exams 


4 ways to revise Science

  • Use the revision guide issued at the begining of Year 10 to create revision notes/mind maps/flash cards. These should be colourful and detailed. However, this is only the first stage, preparing the revision resources. In order for revision to be effective, students should be active with their revision using the flash cards that they’ve made. Some suggestions include:
    1. Students use the flash cards to test themselves. They could turn them over and try re-writing out the key points, or record themselves saying the key points out loud on their phone to listen back to and see how accurate they were.
    2. Students ask parents/friends/family to test them on the content of the flashcards
  • Watch short videos of the content on YouTube. There are some brilliant channels on YouTube that we can recommend:
    1. ‘Free science lessons’ on YouTube. Videos are all AQA specific so perfect for us. Videos are split into biology, chemistry and physics papers 1 and 2, and required practicals are separate.
    2. Primrose kitten’ on YouTube. This link takes you directly to the section for AQA. These have some great summary videos that cover the entire exam content in one video, but please be aware that these will still include some of the content that is not going to be in the summer 2022 exams as per the AQA announcement on 7th Feb
    3. Cognito’. Whilst these are not exam board specific, these short videos are brilliant for summarising key areas of content.
    4. Malmesbury Education. This link takes you to the required practicals. However, please remember that some have been removed for the summer 2022 exams.  
  • Revision websites:
    1. BBC bitesize. This website provides AQA specific information in student-friendly language.

BBC bitesize AQA combined trilogy (double award) science

BBC bitesize triple science:

Triple Chemistry,

Triple Biology

Triple Physics

Seneca Learning

This is a free website where the students can access quizzes that mark themselves and provide the students with feedback on any questions they have got wrong. The trick here is to search for resources as follows:

Exam board: AQA     Age: GCSE

Subject: Combined science (if doing combined ‘double’ science), or one of Biology, Chemistry or Physics if doing triple science


Past Papers

These are available for free (along with the answers) on the AQA website

To make it clear, if doing combined science, you should click on TRILOGY

Triple science click on the separate sciences (biology, chemistry and physics)


Google Classrooms **NEW for March 2022**:

Our Google Classroom codes for summer exam revision are as follows. These are new Google Classrooms just focussed on revision for the summer exams.

Combined (double award) science HIGHER TIER a4xpfto 

Combined (double award) science FOUNDATION TIER 44sken3

Triple science hcqpl2r 

KS4 Curriculum Map